Greetings from The Czech Republic!

#czechmade #handmade products for workout and handstands

We produce wooden products for street workout and handstands: a lot of parallelets types, handstand blocks, canes ane plates and others.

All MyBuddy products are developed with & tested by Czech and Slovak street workout athletes. We are part of community!

Non-wooden products are made by our friends for us - tapes, e.g. But - ours is the idea. And becouse we are not good at sewing textiles, we cooperate with them.


Once we had a idea - to create simple single-dumbbell stands for "livingroomworkout". Since 2016 we sell 3 types of them produced by machinery by our own design especially for us.

#nocramps #chelated 

We are glad for cooperation with OVONEX, the producer of minerals70 brand line. We are with them from the beginning of minerals70's life.

MyBuddy since 2016: Quality products. No complaints.

Now we are ready to deliver any of MyBuddy or minerals70 products to EU and some other European countries!


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