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MyBuddy Wooden PullUp Balls M 80 mm

Small PullUp Balls




In Stock: 6 pair
Availability: in stock
Product no.: 16
Manufacturer: MyBuddy / LivingroomWorkout
Size: M - 80 mm
Material: Beech
Color: Beech
Lenght: 30 - 50 cm
Weight: 0,45 kg
Our price without Tax : EUR 557.85
Our price including Tax (21 %):
EUR 675.00

into the basket:

When pull-ups are easy for you:)


A pair of pullup balls.

What is the length of the cord? You choose! We will cut 30 - 50 cm for you.

The cord REEP 5 mm by Lanex, The Czech Republic: 510 daN, EN 564 / CE 1019. 

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