About Us
About us


Necessary info about company and contact

LivingroomWorkout s.r.o.
Pěkná 26/1261, 735 64 Havířov – Suchá
The Czech Republic (EU)
+420 602 220 491

IČ 05210305
DIČ CZ05210305

Bank account: 115-2837170297/0100

IBAN CZ8801000001152837170297


Shortly: Who we are


Team of 4 guys working together at development and production of our own handmade equipment and accessories for workout & handstands. And some usefull merch, too.

And also selling the products of OVONEX company from Havířov, The Czech Republic: product line minerals70 incl. ioniLyte.

We are:

Tomáš Pálka - founder of LivingroomWorkout / MyBuddy, hobby cyclist and designer of dumbbell stands and original parallelets, ensuring its production

Josef Rábl - streetworkout athlete, founder of @stojkuj_a_inspiruj project, designer of other MyBuddy workout eqipment, "test pilot"

Dominik Klimek - streetworkout athlete, Slovak National Champion 2020, founder of workout team in Čadca, Slovakia, "test pilot"

Tomáš Bábek - elite track cyclist 

We are in 6th season:

The company was founded in 2016 by Tom to produce and sell his original products - dumbbell stands MyBuddy for "livingroomworkout".

After 3 years the company began to produce wooden equipment for streetworkout - parallelets and push-up bars. The product range began to be wider when Tom met Josef and Dominik.

Since 2019 Tom and LivingroomWorkout have cooperated with OVONEX, the company owned by Tom's friend Petr, the producer of food supplements focused on quality and bio-availability; not on low production costs. 

OVONEX products are proud of high quality products completely sugar and artificial sweeteners free, preservatives free and flavourings free.

We also cooperate with other Czech small producers, our friends - e.g. Monika produces for us handmade wrist wraps, with Mirka we prepare a very special Tom Bábek's merch - the belts made of his own used cycling tubes.

Be sure that each item is #czechmade #nochinaproduction 

And we are proud of that:) Thanks for visiting us!

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