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Mineral Drops Electrolyte 100% Natural Form 100 ml

100% natural concentrate from Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA



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Mineral drops – 100% natural concentrate from Utah's Great Salt Lake (USA) with a high content of magnesium and more than 70 other minerals and trace elements. Suitable in case of body hyperacidity and to replenish minerals.

An original, natural, ionic, mineral preparation with low sodium content, made by natural solar concentration.

Minerals and trace elements are necessary for a number of everyday biochemical and physiological processes which are the foundation of human health. They facilitate the formation and maintenance of the bones, support muscular function, transmission of nerve impulses, and contribute to energy conversion. Each cell of the human body needs minerals and trace elements. Many foods we consume today do not provide a sufficient amount of these important minerals and trace elements. Their levels in the body can also be reduced by stress, a hectic way of life, taking some types of medicaments, but also by sport and exercise.

Ingredients – Concentrate from the Great Salt Lake. Contains no preservatives, glutens, lactose, sugar, alcohol, colourants, nor flavourings. Suitable for vegans.

Dosage – Daily dosage 2 ml = 40 drops, preferably take 1 ml = 20 drops in the morning and in the evening.

Daily dose contains (most important elements): Chloride 630.00 mg, Magnesium 220.00 mg (RI 58.67%), Sodium 3.32 mg (RI 0.17%),  Potassium 1.00 mg (RI 0.05%).

RI = Reference Intake

Mix with 250 ml of water, juice, etc.

Recommendations and tips for replenishing minerals and trace elements by alkaline mineral drops:

Under mental stress, take 1 ml of mineral drops (20 drops) mixed with a beverage in accordance with the instructions, in the morning and in the evening.

In case of hyperacidity, and to ensure acid-base balance in your body, add 0.25 to 0.5 ml of mineral drops (6–10 drops) to 1 litre of clean water. This will give you high- quality mineral water to add to your daily fluid intake.

To improve and enrich your diet, add several drops (max. 40 drops a day) to your meals or drinks. 2–10 drops will enhance the flavour of coffee. You can add the drops to smoothies, sauces, purées, and drinks. Add 1 ml of mineral drops (20 drops) to 1 litre of soup. You can generally use mineral drops as a substitute for salt in meals for people suffering from hypertension – the drops are very low in sodium.

When drinking alcoholic beverages – if you know you are going to drink alcoholic beverages at a social event, take 2 ml of mineral drops (40 drops) mixed with a beverage before the event and 2 ml (40 drops) within an hour after waking up on the next day.

Note – Do not exceed the recommended dosage, follow the instructions on dilution and dosage. Not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, nor for children under 3 years of age. Store out of the reach of children. Shake before use.

Storing – Store in a dry and dark place at room temperature.

Content weight – 100 ml (133 g).

Best before - See date on the packaging.

Producer: OVONEX, Havířov, The Czech Republic, EU

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